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November 22, 2010 Daily news stories from local, world and blog newspapers

Quebec Arena  September 14, 2010
Quebec City is keen on building a new arena to house a major NHL team, such as the former Quebec Nordiques. The city is looking to the federal government to help fund the construction of a new ice arena. [ Read Full Story on Quebec Arena ]

TSX versus TSXV  September 3, 2010
There are two major Canadian stock markets - the TSX or Tornto Stock Exchange and the TSXV or the Venture Exchange. These two markets allow publicly traded companies to list their shares for trade to [ Read Full Story on TSX versus TSXV ]

Vancouver Art Gallery  August 26, 2010
The Vancouver Art Gallery has various exhibits by local artists as well as Masterpieces. There are various exhibits change throughout the year. The Vancouver Art gallery is located on Robson Street in [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Art Gallery ]

Meniers Disease  August 25, 2010
Meniers disease can be an acute or chronic condition. People suffering from this disease know how debilitating this disease can be. There is no known cure for meniers disease, there are however some suggestions [ Read Full Story on Meniers Disease ]

Importance of a Business Plan  August 25, 2010
One of the most important things when starting out your business is to have a business plan. A business plan or business model outlines exactly what your business plans to do, how much it will cost and [ Read Full Story on Importance of a Business Plan ]

Choosing a Real Estate Agent  August 25, 2010
Choosing the right real estate agent can be the most important decision you make when deciding to sell your home. A good real estate difference can make for a pleasant experience and help you get your [ Read Full Story on Choosing a Real Estate Agent ]

Lady Gaga Vancouver Concert  August 24, 2010
I had the privilege of attending the Lady Gaga concert in Vancouver, BC. Lady Gaga is a lively and entertaining performer who loves her Canadian fans. According to her, when she was trying to become famous [ Read Full Story on Lady Gaga Vancouver Concert ]

Buffalo Wild Wings Expanding into Canada  August 20, 2010
The Minneapolis-based restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings will be expanding into the Canadian market. The chain will compete against other restaurants in Canada such as Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is a [ Read Full Story on Buffalo Wild Wings Expanding into Canada ]

BC Bears Guard Grow-Op  August 18, 2010
Christina Lake is not an unusual place for police to find marijuana grow-ops. However, on their latest discovery of a marijuana grow-op the police found something that they did not expect. The grow-up [ Read Full Story on BC Bears Guard Grow-Op ]

Neil Patrick Harris Expecting Twins  August 16, 2010
Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka are expecting twins! The couple is excited about having a baby, yet alone twins. They have hired a surrogate to have the babies for them. It's not yet [ Read Full Story on Neil Patrick Harris Expecting Twins ]

Gay Dating in Vancouver  August 13, 2010
The gay dating scene in Vancouver is quite lively, lots of singles of all ages here who like to mix and mingle. There are various ways to meet singles for dating. Sometimes you may try the traditional [ Read Full Story on Gay Dating in Vancouver ]

Ontario to Launch Online Gambing  August 11, 2010
The Province of Ontario is following the lead set by the British Columbia government in offering its residents an online gambling website. The government claims that a billion dollars is being spent by [ Read Full Story on Ontario to Launch Online Gambing ]

Government of Canada Announces Appointment  August 10, 2010
Rona Ambrose, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, announced the appointment of Mr. Christopher Dumfries to the posistion of Payments in Lieu of Taxes Dispute Advisory Panel. Mr. Dumfries [ Read Full Story on Government of Canada Announces Appointment ]

Air Canada Sends Boy to Disneyland  August 6, 2010
Air Canada suffered a public relations nightmare fueled by Twitter when the airline broke a custom wheelchair belonging to a boy who is suffering from Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. Ten year old Tanner [ Read Full Story on Air Canada Sends Boy to Disneyland ]

Iphone 4 In Canada  August 5, 2010
The Iphone 4 has now hit Canada and selling in record numbers. There are various locations in which to purchase an Iphone in Canada. One of the best ways to buy an Iphone is through the local Apple stores [ Read Full Story on Iphone 4 In Canada ]

Best Vancouver Bars  July 26, 2010
Vancouver, Canada certainly does have a lot off different bars, pubs and nightclubs. There are lots of great places to hangout and chat with old friends, or to even make some new friends. Vancouver has [ Read Full Story on Best Vancouver Bars ]

Vancouver Gay Bars and Clubs  July 26, 2010
If you live in Vancouver then you'll know that Vancouver is an ethnically diverse city which is enrichened by its acceptance of people for who they are. The gay community in Vancouver is large and enjoys [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Gay Bars and Clubs ]

Vancouver Dessert Places  July 26, 2010
Vancouver is an international city and filled with fun and exciting things to see and do. This incudes exciting things to taste! Whether you enjoy in partaking in some fantastic ethnic food or like to [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Dessert Places ]

Canadian Government Wants to Remove Affirmative Job Action  July 22, 2010
The Tory government is now considering removal of the affirmative action plan currently used for government hiring. Affirmative action is supposed to give priority to qualified applicants of minority [ Read Full Story on Canadian Government Wants to Remove Affirmative Job Action ]

StatsCan Census Changes  July 22, 2010
The Conservative government is going to make some serious new changes to the Canadian national census. The Conservatives are going to replace the long mandatory form with an optional form. Currently, [ Read Full Story on StatsCan Census Changes ]

Ilya Kovalchuk With NY Devils  July 21, 2010
Ilya Kovalchuk has tried to sign a 17 year contract with the New Jersey Devils hockey team. He's the left wing for the NJ Devils. Right now he's not signed with the Devils as the league didn't approve [ Read Full Story on Ilya Kovalchuk With NY Devils ]

B.C. Sanctions Legal Online Gambling  July 16, 2010
The government of British Columbia has sanctioned legalized online gambling through the B.C. Lottery corporation. This is the first online government sanctioned casino in all of North America. The government [ Read Full Story on B.C. Sanctions Legal Online Gambling ]

Vancouver Summer Family Activities  July 15, 2010
If you're visiting Vancouver or living in Vancouver then why not take your family out for a great day of fun at the zoo? Kids and adults will enjoy Vancouver's zoo. There's lots of attractions and you [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Summer Family Activities ]

Vancouver shopping malls  July 15, 2010
Vancouver, Canada has a lot of shopping malls and stores. You can buy just about anything here. The largest shopping mall in Vancouver is located in Burnaby, BC. Here is where you'll find Metrotown mall. [ Read Full Story on Vancouver shopping malls ]

ICBC Car Insurance Change  July 14, 2010
There has been a proposal put forth to change the current method in which ICBC bills drivers for auto insurance. Auto insurance rates seem to be high to some ICBC customers. These customers would like [ Read Full Story on ICBC Car Insurance Change ]

Those Dirty Beaches Party  July 14, 2010
There's a fantastic party being planned at for Vancouver beach goers. This party is being promoted on Facebook and sounds like a fun time for couples and singles. The plan is to have a big tent set-up [ Read Full Story on Those Dirty Beaches Party ]

Dancing in the Street  July 13, 2010
This summer if you're in Vancouver then you can enjoy Dancing in the Street. Granville street in downtown Vancouver will be proud to host Dancing in the Street every weekend. This event is being held [ Read Full Story on Dancing in the Street ]

Vancouver Canada Tourist Attractions  July 13, 2010
There are so many tourist attractions and activities for visitors coming to Vancouver to do. If you like family activities which are fun for the adults and the kids then check out some of these fun filled [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Canada Tourist Attractions ]

Canadian Governor General  July 8, 2010
Canada now has a new Governor General. David Johnston has been chosen by the minority government to replace Jean. Johnston has a very impressive resume which is filled with awards and titles. The 69 year-old [ Read Full Story on Canadian Governor General ]

Canadian Dollar Economic Outlook  July 6, 2010
Recently, the Canadian dollar has traded up to parity the US dollar and looked like it might even go higher than the American dollar. However, that trend may now be changing according to economists. Despite [ Read Full Story on Canadian Dollar Economic Outlook ]

Vancouver Canada Day Celebration  June 30, 2010
Vancouver will have some special 2010 Canada Day celebrations around the city for the whole family to enjoy. This year the Burrard Inlet Society as well as Canada Place will be having some great family [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Canada Day Celebration ]

Midland Canada Hit by Tornado  June 24, 2010
A tornado touched down in the city of Midland Canada on Wednesday evening. Eye witness report and photos only confirm what Environment Canada has said in a statement. A tornado which caused havoc in a [ Read Full Story on Midland Canada Hit by Tornado ]

Candian Stock Market Outlook  June 21, 2010
Low volumes expected this week with the G20 conference in Toronto. Many investment houses will be understaffed with fear of protests plus road closures. Brokerage houses and their clients will likely [ Read Full Story on Candian Stock Market Outlook ]

TSX Venture Market Outlook  June 21, 2010
The TSX Venture outlook for summer of 2010 may be disappointing to some, while providing opportunities to others. One person's loss is another's gain as the stock market is a zero sum game. This summer [ Read Full Story on TSX Venture Market Outlook ]

Vancouver Ranked 4th in the World  May 27, 2010
The Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked cities around the world based on quality of living. Not surprising to the residents of Vancouver, the city ranked in the top five. Vancouver was ranked 4th best [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Ranked 4th in the World ]

Vancouver Ranked 4th in the World  May 27, 2010
The Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked cities around the world based on quality of living. Not surprising to the residents of Vancouver, the city ranked in the top five. Vancouver was ranked 4th best [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Ranked 4th in the World ]

Vancouver To Host World Resource Investment Conference  May 26, 2010
From June 6th to 7th, 2010 Vancouver will be hosting the World Resource Investment Conference. The Conference will be held at Vancouver Convention Centre, West. The World Resource Investment Conference [ Read Full Story on Vancouver To Host World Resource Investment Conference ]

Montreal Beats Philly 5 to 1  May 21, 2010

The Montreal Canadiens redeemed themselves yesterday after playing a fabulous game to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 5-to-1. The Montreal team kept the pressure on and managed to outshoot and [ Read Full Story on Montreal Beats Philly 5 to 1 ]

Vancouver's Marc Emery Extradited  May 21, 2010
Vancouver's Marc Emery, famous for being a retailer of "pot" has lost a five year long legal battle and has been extradited to the United States. Emery was arrested on May 10 in Vancouver. He will appear [ Read Full Story on Vancouver's Marc Emery Extradited ]

Canada's Inflation Rate  May 21, 2010
Today Statistics Canada released its inflation rate for the month of April 2010. The inflation rate rose from 1.4 percent in March to 1.8 percent in April. The biggest price increases in the inflation [ Read Full Story on Canada's Inflation Rate ]

Vancouver and Chicago Mayors Bet on Stanley Cup Playoffs  May 7, 2010
There's been a long rivalry between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks. On the ice passions flare and athletic competition turns into fights. Off the ice fans wager on the outcome. Now the bitter [ Read Full Story on Vancouver and Chicago Mayors Bet on Stanley Cup Playoffs ]

Canada Job Gains  May 7, 2010
Canada job data was released today, Friday May 7th, 2010. The numbers were exceptionally good and much higher than experts had been predicting. 109,000 jobs were added in the month of April. This is the [ Read Full Story on Canada Job Gains ]

Vancouver Chinatown Night Market  May 5, 2010
The 2010 Vancouver's Chinatown Night Market will be opening on May 14th. The night market is held nightly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This Chinatown Night Market is the first of its kind in [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Chinatown Night Market ]

Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks  April 28, 2010
With the NHL semi-finals under way we will have the pleasure of seeing the Chicago Blackhawks face off against the Vancouver Canucks. This should be an exciting game filled with bitter rivalries after [ Read Full Story on Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks ]

TSX Venture Exchange Most Active  April 22, 2010
Today, April 22, 2010, the TSXV closed up 4.55 points to 1552.05, the TSX closed up 26.31 to 12,160.87 and the DOW closed up 9.37 points to 11,134.27. On the TSX venture exchange the most active stocks [ Read Full Story on TSX Venture Exchange Most Active ]

TSXV Venture Exchange Most Active  April 20, 2010
Today, April 20, 2010, the most active stocks on the TSX Venture exchange were Newcastle Minerals Ltd., Avion Gold Corporation, Excelsior Energy Limited, Novadx Ventures Corp., Star Navigation Systems [ Read Full Story on TSXV Venture Exchange Most Active ]

Canada Cancelled Flights  April 19, 2010
The smoke from the Iceland volcano has now interfered with North American flights. Canada has been forced to ground certain flights and unhappy passengers are now facing flight cancellations. The volcanic [ Read Full Story on Canada Cancelled Flights ]

Vancouver Dating  April 16, 2010
Vancouver has a large population and there's someone out there who's perfect for you. However, finding your perfect match can be a little difficult. This is a big city and it's not always easy to find [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Dating ]

Taylor Swift Nomited For Country Music Awards  April 5, 2010
Taylor Swift is one of today's most popular Country music stars. In fact, her music is so popular that it's crossed over into mainstream pop music as well. This year's Country Music Awards will [ Read Full Story on Taylor Swift Nomited For Country Music Awards ]

Vancouver Canucks Game Schedule  April 5, 2010
The Vancouver Canucks are attempting to win the 2010 Western Conference. Support your home team as you watch the game live! What could be better than being up close to the action and watching the game [ Read Full Story on Vancouver Canucks Game Schedule ]

Choosing A Vancouver Hotel  March 25, 2010
Choosing the right hotel can make a big difference in how you enjoy your Vancouver vacation or business trip. The key is to find a good hotel at a reasonable price in an area close to your needs. [ Read Full Story on Choosing A Vancouver Hotel ]

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